Apex-Brasil sponsors fashion show of Brazilian brands in Milan

The Natural Cotton Color fashion show at Milan Fashion Week, in Milan, Italy, was a remarkable moment that introduced the “Asa Branca” collection with pieces produced from Organic Colored Cotton from Paraíba. The Beyond Claim event, organized by the World Sustainability Organization (WSO), took place on September 23 at the historic palace of the Society for the Encouragement of Arts and Crafts (SIAM 1838) and was part of a bloc of Brazilian brands, including Celeste, Demodê, Pacoa and Tropicca, which share a commitment to sustainability. All of them have the friend of the Earth and/or Friend of the Sea certification, issued by the WSO.

Organic cotton parade from Brazil at Milan Fashion Week

Society for the Encouragement of Arts and Crafts (SIAM 1838)

Society for the Encouragement of Arts and Crafts (SIAM 1838)


Brazilian fashion show in Milan

From left to right, the event’s organizer Paolo Bray, president of the World Sustainability Organization (WSO) – the institution that issues the international Friend of the Earth sustainability certification to the Brazilian brands present at the parade. Robério Burity, mayor of Ingá-PB, André Limp, Industry and Services Coordinator at ApexBrasil and Maria Ester de Almeida from the trade promotion sector (Secom) responsible for the Fashion sector – Consulate General of Brazil.


The sponsorship of the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil)Organic cotton parade from Brazil at Milan Fashion Week played a key role in making these shows viable, demonstrating the federal government support for the sustainable fashion sector. André Limp, Industry and Services Coordinator at Apex-Brasil, highlighted at the conference that preceded the parade that the agency’s mission is to support sectors of the Brazilian economy in conquering international markets and attracting investments. Always with the objective of generating jobs for the country.

Natural Cotton Color presented both women and men’s collection that captivated the audience. The brand highlighted flowing pieces, maxicolets, pants, long skirts and dresses in flared. The men’s collection, developed by Léo Mendonça, also surprised with its classic modeling and innovative use of Denim and Jacquard in two tones of cotton exclusive to the brand. The emphasis on local handicrafts, such as macramé from Gurinhém, crochet from Alhandra and renaissance lace from Monteiro, brought an authentic touch to the pieces, demonstrating the rich cultural heritage of Paraíba.

Stimulating the economy and the preservation of local culture

Organic cotton parade from Brazil at Milan Fashion WeekThe Mayor of Ingá, Robério Burity, was present at the event, and expressed his pride in witnessing the parade. Watching the final product being presented at Milan Fashion Week is like feeling the vibe of a champion at a World Cup. To see the cotton grown and harvested by a simple farmer being processed, the feather transformed into yarn, then into knitted and woven fabric. To see that, from the creativity of stylists and artisans, our entire culture become pieces of clothing is also to perceive wisdom passing from generation to generation. I just thank you for living this experience and I also thank you for the support of everyone involved. “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Together we have reached the top of sustainable fashion”; he said.

Elis Janoville, creative director of the “Asa Branca” collection, highlighted the importance of the event for the preservation of local culture, while Maria Ester Gonçalves, from the Brazilian Consulate, praised the organization of the event and the
brands, emphasis on social responsibility and sustainability, factors that make them stand out in the European and international market. Francisca Vieira, CEO of Natural Cotton Color, summed up the spirit of the group of women-led brands, emphasizing that more than the use of sustainable materials, they are all committed to using fashion as a force to promote social and economic development in their surroundings.

The event at Milan Fashion Week highlighted not only the excellence of Brazilian sustainable fashion, but also the industry’s ability to positively impact society and the environment. ApexBrasil’s sponsorship was instrumental in making this vision a reality, strengthening Brazil’s commitment to sustainable fashion on a global scale.

See all the photos of the Natural Cotton Color show at this link.

About the brands in Milan sponsored by ApexBrasil

Demodê – The brand creates clothes with modeling that prioritizes comfort, while respecting the diversity of bodies, using organic cotton and handmade lace from the Brazilian Northeast.

Celeste – Develops swimwear with biodegradable and recycled fabric. Unique digital prints reduce water usage by 95%. Local production strengthens communities economically.

Natural Cotton Color – Timeless fashion, produced with organic cotton in natural beige and brown colors. Their creations strengthen the cotton culture in Paraíba and preserve different techniques of the rich local handicrafts.

Pacoa Eco – Invests in circular fashion by developing footwear with banana fibers and recycled cotton. The production generates income for small producers and handicraft groups.

Tropicca – Fabrics and footwear made with natural fibers, such as cotton, linen, and jute, produced on a loom.


In addition to the sponsorship of ApexBrasil, Natural Cotton Color also had the support of the Municipality of Ingá-PB, the Textile Technology Center of Senai-PB, Sebrae-PB and the Instituto de Aceleração (IA).

Organic cotton parade from Brazil at Milan Fashion Week

Organic cotton parade from Brazil at Milan Fashion Week


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