NCC Ecobrands

The Natural Cotton Color groupNCC Ecobrands was created in Paraíba in 1995 with the intention of offering products developed from natural color cotton to the Fashion and Interior Design industries. NCC Ecobrands comprises a number of companies located in various regions of the state.

The production chain includes organic color cotton plantations, textile mills, artisans, garment makers, and designers organized in associations.

The creation and development of pieces combine contemporary design with traditional craftsmanship. However, the resultis not a regional product, since all creation is focused on the global market. “We have sophisticated designs that use handcrafts as fashion tools”, explains Francisca Vieira, designer and director of NCC Ecobrands. The select customer values the ecological product and handmade work, in which each piece has a story to tell.

Since 2005, the NCC Ecobrands is partof the Brazilian Industry Internationalization Program of Fashion Apex- Brazil, developed in partnership with the Brazilian Association of Textile and Apparel Industry (ABIT).

With the support of the Apex-Brazil program, NCC Ecobrands has participated in a range of national and international fairs. Among them, the Prêt- a-Porter (now Who’s Next) in Paris, and Pure London, in England.

The organic color cotton used by the NCC Ecobrands to manufacture its products is certified by the Biodynamic Institute – IBD. The IBD seal of approval has international credibility, and allowed NCC Ecobrands to take part in the Biofach, the world´s largest organic produce fair.

With the IBD certification, the group participated in various international fairs like the Biofach, and sealed a deal with its first international distributor. In France, Tentation Bio supplies the local demand since 2013 and also sells the products to Germany.

This year, the Natural Cotton Color groupNCC Ecobrands  took part in the West in California (USA), in the +B sectionof Fashion Business and Creative Content, and should expand through participating in new international events.

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