Exhibition about designers and lacemakers from Brazil

Exhibition named “Renda-se”  by Dudu Bertolini is in the “A Casa”,  an São Paulo City museum by the end of June. The designer was invited, by Renata Mellão, to mapping the lacemaker communities, then he invited other designers to compose a look with an exclusive embroidery lace.

Exposed clothing are the result of a dialogue between designers and lacemakers who participate of the creation and development of lace parts in various regions of Brazil. Walter Rodrigues chooses to work with “renda de bilro”, a kind of lace. He worked together with the Lacemakers Association of the “Morro Mariana” in Parnaíba, a city in the State of Piaui, northeast of Brazil. Lino Villaventura created a kind of lace named “renda de filé” and worked  with the lacemaker Perpétua Martins, from Fortaleza, State of Ceará, also in northeast of Brazil.

Renda Renascença, Adriana Barra.

Renda Renascença, Adriana Barra, Camalaú – Paraíba

Neon e Huis Clos, Renda Labirinto

Neon e Huis Clos, Renda Labirinto, Icapuí, Ceará.

Samuel Cirnansk Renda Irlandesa

Samuel Cirnansk Renda Irlandesa, Divina Pastora, Sergipe

Adriana Barra and André Lima worked with renaissance lace along with the Camalaú Mothers Club in the city of Camalaú, State of Paraiba. Amapô and Samuel Cirnansk worked with Irish Lace in partnership with the Association for Development of Irish Lace  from the city of Divina Pastora, in State of Sergipe. Neon and Huis Clos made a kind of lace named “Labirinto” along with the NGO Caiçara, in Icapuí city, State of Ceará. Liana Bloisi with Elita Catarina Ramos, from Florianópolis, State of Santa Catarina, worked with “Renda de Bilro” (Tramoia technique). Martha Medeiros worked with Renaissance lace and “Bilro” in the State of Alagoas.
The project resulted in a video and pictures. Fernanda Tavares was the model and William Licurgo the photografer. Take a look on the exhibition photos by clicking on this link.

A Casa Museum - Av. Pedroso de Morais, 1216 / 1234 - Pinheiros, Sao Paulo-SP

A Casa Museum – Av. Pedroso de Morais, 1216 / 1234 – Pinheiros, Sao Paulo-SP



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