Molleton: a new kind of mesh from NCC Ecobrands

Moletom: um novo tipo de malha nos produtos NCC Ecobrands

The word for sweat clothes in portuguese, ‘moletom’ came from the French ‘molleton’. The mesh is used to make winter clothes and came into Natural Color Cotton – NCC Ecobrands garmet in the 2015’s collection, following the demand from customers who wanted new options with this natural fabric.

Francisca Vieira, designer and leader of the NCC Ecobrands group developed the fabric in partnership with Unitextil Company, both based in the state of Paraiba, Brazil. After mixing the brown and beige tone cotton wires, they obtained the plushy and the carded molleton.

“Our molleton is a soft mesh made from organic colored cotton. It brings the soft touch of winter for NCC Products Ecobrands”, says Francisca.

The first delivery of molleton clothes was just sent on August 2015 to Saudi Arabia. It was an order of molleton dresses made in May 2015 by a client from Riyad during the 6th hall B + of Fashion Business and Creative Content, that took place in São Paulo, Brazil.

Besides dresses, the collection of sweat clothes has blouses and pants. The offer of the molleton in organic colored cotton fabric is one of the main innovations of NCC Ecobrands group for the next winter edition of Première Vision Paris between 15 and 17 September 2015 in France. The hall brings together the best offers of textile fabrics and accessories for the textile-fashion economic chain.

Creativity in the details of molleton clothes

The molleton dresses of the 2015 Winter Collection from NCC Ecobrands have collars made in festonné, one of the manual plot techniques derived from the macramé. To perform the knots used in the technique with the fingers, were used the same wires from the production of colored organic cotton fabric.

Before producing the collars in festonné for the dresses, the wires are twisted in a twist machine, an equipment developed by the artisan, then the fabric becomes more suitable for the artisan procedure. The textile process known as ‘twisting of wires’ is held in the city of Gurinhém in the rugged region of Paraiba.

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