João Pimenta creates collection for Natural Cotton Color

Fashion designer João Pimenta developed a genderless collection for the export line of Natural Color Cotton. The launch was in March in California, USA. Francisca Vieira, CEO of the brand, exposed parts during Natural Products Expo West, the largest natural and organic fair products from that country.

Natural-Cotton-Color-por-Joao-Pimenta (1) (2)


The collection composes pants, shirts and T-shirts and was developed in knitwear and sweatshirt, and organic colored cotton plan fabric. The collection strengthens the concept of timeless and sustainable fashion of the brand that already exports to several countries, including France, Japan, Australia, Canada and the United Arab Emirates.

“The idea was to make simple clothes based on ecological mesh, to be used by men and women. The pieces are broad and with lashings”, detailed João Pimenta.

For the creative was a great experience to have developed the collection for the brand. He says he met the plume by Francisca when she took samples of the plants, fabrics and handworks to São Paulo. João Pimenta also went to Paraíba to meet all the wires and fabrics manufacturing process.

Foto: Marcelo Soubhia/ Ag Fotosite - Joao Pimenta - Casa de Criadores - Inverno 2010 25/11/2009

The partnership between Natural Color Cotton and him began by ApexBrasil, the agency that promotes Brazilian products and services abroad. Francisca Vieira took the Natural Cotton Color and the collection of João Pimenta for the Natural Products Expo West in the US in March with the support of TexBrasil, ApexBrasil program in partnership with the Brazilian Association of Textile – ABIT.


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