Children’s Fashion: colored cotton enhances the comfort and freedom of children

The Natural Color Cotton Group presents the children’s fashion line with organic colored cotton. The collection consists of dresses, shirts, pants and shorts that were already wholesale sold to Brazil, abroad and are now available in retail sale through the virtual store ( The clothes were developed by Grace Lira, director and designer of Rubra Rosa in partnership with Natural Cotton Color – NCC Ecobrands.


“I chose the path of sustainable fashion. So, the collection has a lot of lightness, enhancing the freedom and comfort of children “, said Grace – which has operated for 11 years in children’s fashion market.

The director chose the colored cotton as raw material for the production because it is an agroecological product – colored cotton is born with the color, without using additives or dyes. The product does not cause allergy once in the production chain there is no dyeing step. With the partnership with the Natural Cotton Color group – NCC Ecobrands, started in 2015, Grace could go further and use organic colored cotton, certified by the Brazilian Institute Biodynamic – IBD.


The Natural Color Cotton – NCC Ecobrands in partnership with Rubra Rosa presents a different children’s fashion collection. “We use the renaissance lace in the dresses details and also manual screen printing with water-based ink in other parts. Children should feel comfortable so we rather, for example, make the dresses in trapeze shape. This way, they are free to play and run, after all, be a real child”, says Grace.

For Francisca Vieira, CEO of Natural Cotton Color – NCC Ecobrands, the collection answers the demand of mothers who love fashion, but want above all their children enjoy the benefit that the clothing can provide.

“Made with organic colored cotton, the clothes do not have chemical dyeing. So while the fabric ensures comfort, the design with innovative craftsmanship insertion guarantees style”, says Francisca.

In the virtual store NCC Ecobrands you can find the clothes in sizes S, M and L.




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