Colorful Cotton it´s on the Bloom issue of fashion trends

Natural Cotton Color – NCC Ecobrands came to the pages of Bloom magazine. The important international issue indicating trends in fashion, art, culture and design was founded by the woman of Dutch origin Li Edelkoort. The researcher is considered by Time magazine one of the most influential people in the fashion world. The launch was on October 18 at Iguatemi Shopping Mall, in São Paulo, with the attendance for a lecture and an autographs afternoon.

Li Edelkoort, founder Bloom, is one of the respected trend-setter in the world.

The dutch woman Li Edelkoort, founder of the Trend Union-style Bureau and Bloom, and is one of the most respected trend-setters in the world.

This is the second Brazilian edition – with texts in Portuguese and English. The selection of guidelines and products for the Bloom Brasil issue is by Lili Tedde, representative of Li Edelkoort in Brazil, and has artistic direction by Sérgio Machado.

With the theme Faith, the issue addresses the spirituality and religiosity that permeates the national production. Bloom Faith speaks of the creativity and mixtures of beliefs that the Brazilian people cherish. It shows a perspective that goes from the traditional handcraft to the Brazilian Olympic Games of Brazil, focusing on the trends that inspire the world.


Bloom Faith cover (Portuguese). “The book speaks to all levels of the industry, from breeders of hybrids to farmers, from designers to researchers,” said Lili Tedde, Li Edeelkort’s representative in Brazil.

In Bloom Faith, Natural Cotton Color has gained four pages. The initial contact with Paraíba’s sustainable fashion brand was through Lili Tedde and by the appointment of consultant and stylist Lucius Vilar. He reveals that Lili, editor-in-chief and coordinator of Bloom Brazil, commented that he had a lot of interest in talking about the importance of colored cotton. “As I knew Francisca Vieira and the Natural Cotton Color brand, through a project from Assintecal and the Brazilian Textile Industry Association – ABIT, I put them in touch. And so she sent photos of Cláudio Borges and Paulo Rossi as well as a Series of products to photograph”, she said.

The selected images illustrate the material “Cotton of Colors”

The CEO of Natural Cotton Color – NCC Ecobrands also reinforces that Abit consultant Geni Ribeiro was crucial in the process of entering this new Bloom Brazil edition. “She was the one who encouraged our participation in this important issue due to the theme of fashion and sustainability.”



Francisca celebrates the recognition: “When I saw our work at Bloom Faith I was thrilled because it is not a book, it is not a magazine. For me it’s a work of art. It is a pride to be part of this publication”, he said.

Bloom was created in 1998. This is the first publication of the genre that through inspiring photography and informative texts, analyzes major trends and how this relates to various sectors such as fashion, design, packaging, cosmetics, food and culture. Lili clarifies that the book Bloom speaks to all levels of the industry, from breeders of hybrids to farmers, to designers and researchers. On organic colored cotton she argues: “Being a rare product, it should be treated as a delicacy and respected by the Brazilians, it should be a source of pride for our country.” Unfortunately, it is a story still little known by Brazilians, contributing to a better spreading in the book Bloom Faith is an honor. ”

Lili Tedde

Lili Tedde is representative of Li Edelkoort in Brazil. Tasty Bloom was launched in 2014, Bloom Faith in October 2016.




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