Paraíba’s organic colored cotton in the 2019 press 

This year, Natural Cotton Color was very prominent in the media. In addition to being the subject of a commemorative report on the 50th anniversary of Jornal Nacional on the largest television network broadcast in the country, the launch of the organic colored cotton Denim from Paraíba became news for being an unprecedented and innovative product. 

The sustainable fashion brand gained prominence with the first colored and undyed Denim made in Brazil, not only in fashion portals. It guaranteed space in the specialized press, among them, in sectorial vehicles – such as agribusiness and industry. 

Our organic colored cotton is on the agenda in fashion, sustainability, economics, innovation and public policies. 

In the report on the Industry Portal by CNI  we highlight the excerpt: 

“In partnership with the SENAI Institute of Textile and Clothing Technology, in Paraíba, businesswoman Francisca Vieira developed a thread similar to that used in the production of jeans, and created the fabric, called Denim, which does not go through the dyeing process, uses less water in production and is planted and harvested by hand in the state settlements, that is, it strengthens the work in the field.”

“It was not easy. This cotton is born with color, but we couldn’t make fine threads. We did a lot of research on yarn development for two years to finally get to yarn 30 twisted into two cables, which is one of the characteristic yarns of Denim ”, explains Francisca. 



Colored cotton has given an important business perspective for family farming in Paraíba. The Natural Cotton Color Denim was featured on Portal A Lavoura which highlighted the sustainable cultivation of cotton plume with guaranteed purchase contract. 


We highlight the excerpt: 

According to Embrapa Cotton, one of its most important results was the guarantee of buying colored cotton production, which provided the cotton farmer with security to carry out the planting and feed the Paraiba production chain, which involves weaving, clothing, fashion companies and decoration. 

The Committee is formed by Embrapa, the Brazilian Association of the Textile and Clothing Industry (Abit), the Federation of Industries of the State of Paraíba (Fiep), the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex Brasil), the National Industrial Training Service (Senai), Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service (Sebrae), public and private banks, Paraíba government, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) and Companhia Nacional de Abastecimento (Conab).





The report that gave more repercussion to Natural Cotton Color in 2019 was that of Jornal Nacional, the most popular journalistic program in Brazil. 

Journalist Larissa Pereira, from TV Cabo Branco, affiliated with Globo, came up to the stand representing Paraíba with an exclusive agenda that could represent the State. She chose colored cotton. In addition to the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation – Embrapa Cotton, which developed the seed, the other source was Natural Cotton Color, generating added value. From textile innovation and fashion design, it can bring recognition to the State in the Creative Economy sector.


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