Natural Cotton Color expands participation in the textile market

Natural Cotton Color participates in Premiére Vision Paris and occupies, from 11 to 13 February, the Smart Creation – Intelligent Creation Area. The space unifies sustainability and technology issues to support the creative fashion industry and is already considered the heart of the fashion fair.



With innovative fabrics that can be produced on a large scale, such as Denim, Natural Cotton Color navigates the blue ocean of the textile industry. Developed in partnership with the Senai Paraíba Textile Technology Center, the twill type fabric is produced with certified organic cotton, grown without irrigation and which, even though it is colored, does not undergo dyeing. In addition to Denim, the company presents knitwear and sweatshirts and, among them, rectilinear knitwear, as well as flat fabrics, jacquard with biodegradable nylon and fabrics with handmade interventions. The big launch at the trade show is an unprecedented fabric – made with colored organic cotton thread and pure silk*. With this offer, Natural Cotton Color intends to change the dynamics of competition in the fashion market, offering value innovation to customers with an ecological fabric.

The main characteristic for a product to navigate the blue ocean in the textile industry market is value innovation.

When developing new fabrics whose production chain is based on the pillars of sustainability, Natural Cotton Color wants to pass on this value innovation to its customers and show that a different position is possible within the order of an existing industry. “We work in the fashion sector and this is one of the most polluting industries in the world.

We want to offer alternatives for clean fashion. And the sustainable fashion market seeks inputs for an ethical, dignified and fair production”, explains Francisca Vieira, CEO of the company.

Since it started offering fabrics on a large scale, the company has increased its visibility and won partnerships. “We decided to use the structure of the textile industry itself to take a leap and expand the cultivation of organic colored cotton to meet the demand,” she says.

Currently, the Local Productive Arrangement is made up of two settlements among other small farms in the hinterland of Paraíba attracted by the guaranteed purchase contract and the price paid per kilo of cotton – the largest in Brazil. To meet the demand, Natural Cotton Color doubled production. The expected harvest for the end of 2020 is 50 tonnes of organic colored cotton plume. Despite the industrial leap with the development of innovative fabrics on the market, the brand does not work at competitiveness based on price.

The company’s strategy is to break the cost-benefit ratio – usual in the market discourse. “The textile industry already competes in these terms. We are offering what the industry has never offered. We don’t just offer fabrics, we offer value innovation because a sustainable brand must be actively working on its value chain and needs our fabrics”, she says.

Natural Cotton Color is present in a relatively new and high growth market space, which is sustainable fashion. There are three proposals that are embedded in the products – value, profit and people.

For the strategy to be successful and sustainable, the brand has worked to engage consumers by creating partnerships with other creators and participating in events on sustainability. “We need to generate knowledge and consumer involvement because they are the ones who are going to activate the industry to make more conscious fashion,” she says.

According to the brand executive, the idea is not to overcome the existing textile industry, but to be the best possibility within the sector.

“Our approach contributes to fashion rethinking its production and breaking with the behavior of producing only for profit. It is increasingly important to think about profitable growth with responsibility ”, concludes Francisca.

Natural Cotton Color exhibits in Paris with support from TexBrasil – Program for the Internationalization of the Brazilian Textile and Fashion Industry, developed by Abit – Brazilian Association of the Textile and Clothing Industry in partnership with Apex-Brasil – Brazilian Agency for the Promotion of Exports and Investments.

* The organic colored cotton yarn with pure silk took two years to develop. This unprecedented yarn project was selected through the Fiesp Industrial Innovation Notice – 2017. The development of the yarn and fabric was carried out by Senai – SP. Natural Cotton Color thanks the partnership of Bratac Seda – which supplied the raw material for the tests.


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