Live your emotions: an inspirational call from the men’s collection

The collection based on organic colored cotton created by Rafael Lemos for Natural Cotton Color revisits generations of men’s classics by combining product styles. Very light fabrics were mixed with slightly denser fabrics to expand the usability options. In this way, it presents versatile looks with references to typical models, however, deconstructing stereotypes.

Based on tailoring, the men’s collection reaches men with a lighter and more natural posture, especially those who are not within the established patriarchal standard.



“It’s about the man who allows himself to enter a space of new possibilities, freeing himself from his toxicity, to recover his purest humanity”, reveals Lemos about his motivations for the design of the pieces.

According to the designer, the collection tries to mirror men who are looking for a connection with something else, who want to reconnect with their own tenderness and who broke with outdated codes. “It’s time to celebrate a new man, without social ties, who seeks spiritual and carnal comfort, who fights for his ideals, who can practice his own choices without social restrictions, without suffocating rules”, he says.



“A man can be a beloved son, a loving husband, a fellow brother. Who hugs, who kisses, who plays soccer, who goes to fight, who takes care of the children, who suffers, who cries, who laughs. A man can be all that together, living his emotions with kindness and affection” (Rafael Lemos)

Modeling was designed to facilitate the composition of looks


The modeling developed by Raquel Grassi is democratic. The collection with 20 looks, which includes from shorts to a full jacket, connects different generations in different styles of products.

For the modeller, every idea brings challenges for the designer who wants to see their projects materialized. That’s because not every creative design can work on the body. “The creation is on paper, the modeling is also planned, but our body is in 3D”, explains Raquel. In the men’s collection, based on tailoring, it is necessary to interpret each model to meet all the specifications contained in the initial design. The modeling of the men’s collection is finished with upholstery that must be adequate for a perfect fit. “The men’s pieces are a puzzle I love to do,” she says.


For Francisca Vieira, CEO of Natural Cotton Color, the partnership with Rafael Lemos and Raquel Grassi adds a lot of value to the brand. “The pattern maker managed to materialize the designer’s proposals. She followed the initial orientation of the collection indicated by Lemos, which was to include men who are open to expressing their emotions and better explore their everyday achievements. I just have to celebrate and thank this team and this collection”.

Natural Cotton Color works with fashion with organic colored cotton with a focus on environmental, social and economic sustainability based on the planting of colored cotton with a guaranteed purchase contract. The project has been strengthening the Local Productive Arrangement (APL) by inserting small landowners, organized in family farming associations, including traditional quilombola communities.

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