Natural Cotton Color expands collection in sustainable fashion project


For over 15 years producing for the B2B market in the sustainable fashion segment, Natural Cotton Color is already able to expand its offer to new consumers in retail.

The Motive collection – women’s and men’s fashion to be launched in the online store, will have prices starting at R $ 50.00 and installment options. “This new pricing policy is possible because we were able to expand the production of colored cotton in the field from 10 to 30 tons”, says Francisca Vieira, CEO of Natural Cotton Color.

Until 2019, the production of colored cotton was limited to the Margarida Maria Alves settlement, in Juarez Távora, in the interior of Paraíba (10 tons). The expansion of cotton planting in the Fazenda Campos settlement yielded another 10 tons, in addition to harvesting another 10 tons in other smaller communities. In this way, Natural Cotton Color has a greater stock of lint, supplying weavers and expanding its market.

“In addition to more fabrics and knits for other sustainable fashion brands, we were able to supply our store and meet demand”, she confirms.


Organic cotton Topázio. Photo: Francisco França /Embrapa.

The environmental, social and economic sustainability project is based on the planting of colored cotton with a guaranteed purchase contract. The project has been strengthening the Local Productive Arrangement (APL) by inserting small landowners, organized in family farming associations, including traditional quilombola communities.

Details about the Motive collection organic cotton

The new collection is called Motive, indicating “support, incentive and spur”, including new consumers for colored cotton. 

It consists of six looks gathered in ten pieces with priority for comfort, elegance and more affordable prices. There are skirts, blouses and dresses, highlighting the iconic polo-neck dress. With a classic and minimalist design, the collection was planned for quick production to shorten delivery times. “The godê skirt, for example, has no side seam. It can be cut and sewn in 30 minutes”, explains Francisca.

Vetido polo de algodão colorido orgânico da Paraíba

All modeling was developed for the comfort of the wearer. Produced in half knits and ribana in colored organic cotton from Paraíba in Topázio and Safira colors, they do not tighten the waist, breasts or hips. “But that doesn’t stop them from enhancing the beauty of our bodies”, stresses Francisca. “The collection is meant to be worn all day, ensuring that you keep going to work beautiful, chic and stylish all week wearing only sustainable organic cotton clothing,” she adds.

Follow Natural Cotton Color on social media. We will soon be launching men’s t-shirts, also at an affordable price: from R$ 60.00. For more information, visit the virtual store NCCecobrands

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