In Paris, a store with organic colored cotton clothing from Brazil

Natural Cotton Color’s organic colored cotton has had a commercial presence in France since 2006, presented at Prêt à Porter, Who’s Next and Première Vision Paris. However, it is the first time organic colored cotton is available for retail sales in the city of light.

The store is a a pop-up shop — is the term given to a shop or store that is deliberately temporary. An initiative of the French brand Panapaná in partnership with Natural Cotton Color, is located near Place de la République — one of the most emblematic in Paris. The pop up shop opened in early November and brings together other French designers. In view of the receptiveness of customers, the initial 60-day contract was extended to 90 days. “The objective is to serve customers during Christmas and New Year and extend the commercial service until January”, explains Francisca Vieira, CEO of Natural Cotton Color.

The project is one of the actions for the positioning of Natural Cotton Color abroad


Elis Janoville, from Paraíba and living in France, director of Panapaná, produces underwear items with colored cotton from Paraíba. The partnership between the brands began in 2019. Francisca met the entrepreneur Elis at the Impact salon at Who’s Next. From the supply of cotton knits to the production of pieces for the French brand, the partnership evolved.

Elis starts to fill orders for knits and fabrics for other brands in Europe, mainly after the international fairs held by Natural Cotton Color. “The commercialization project at the retail point of sale is a big step, it is part of a Natural Cotton Color positioning action abroad”, says Francisca. The products presented at the store are textile innovations such as 100% organic Denim in three colors: ruby, sapphire and green and pieces made with fabrics such as cotton jacquard colored with silk.

denim algodao organico paris

For entrepreneurs, the pop-up shop helps to assess the french market, one of the most disputed in the world.

The French are demanding customers, who are used to having the best of international fashion in their windows. Therefore, it is in the retail environment that the receptiveness of products is more carefully investigated. “We are evaluating everything: innovation, design and even competitiveness in relation to the price of each piece. That’s why we started in the form of a popup”, she says.

Starting in the next half of 2022, brands will already have new information about which products are most desired by consumers. For fashion businesswomen, it is the type of current demand that will show the best fixed point for the sale of colored cotton products in Paris.

The pop up address is
29 Vis Rue du Château D’eau Paris, France

Photos Paris (Place de la Republique) ayustety, CC BY-SA 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

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