Textile design at Premiére Vision Paris and innovation in crafts at Maison D’Exceptions

Natural Cotton Color pela segunda vez na Maison D'Exceptions, salão especial para trabalhos artesanais e inovadores na Premiére Vision Paris. Natural Cotton Color is the only Brazilian company selected to participate in the Maison D’Exceptions, the noble hall within Première Vision Paris. The global event for professionals took place from February 7 to 9 at the Parc des Expositions Paris Nord Villepinte, France.

The Maison D’Exceptions is defined by the curators as “experimental zone of high creativity”. According to Francisca Vieira, CEO of Natural Cotton Color “it is a space destined for guests (luxury brands) looking for unique and exclusive products. All the businesses there are ruled by contract with a clause of secrecy, ” she explains. This year, there will be 27 ateliers that will present knowledge focused on innovation and artisanal work divided into ancestral, contemporary and vernacular techniques (typical of a region).

Natural Cotton Color has two spaces in Premiére Vision Paris. At Maison D’Exceptions we present the crafty textile typology –  Renaissance lace, File lace, Crochet and Macramé. The designs displays fabrics, prints, mesh fabrics in organic colored cotton.

Natural Cotton Color novelties in this edition

In Maison D’Exceptions, among the novelties is the renaissance lace made from elements used in the production of sleeping nets. “Instead of the lacé we use the mamucabo – the cord of the hammock. We also made crocheted braids from knitted cuffs that are the remnants of the cut of our clothing. The result is a rustic crochet that within the concept of sustainability is also an innovative product, “says Francisca.

Renaissance lace, crochet, macrame, knitting machine and jacquard knit in organic cotton will be featured in Maison D’Exceptions.

All the artisanal work (14 samples with renaissance lace, crochet and macramé) was developed by the Brazilian Service of Support to Micro and Small Companies – SEBRAE-PB via Sebraetec – a program to support technological development. “Rosangela Comparoni’s consulting with the artisan Marlene Leopoldino was crucial to achieve this result. Our work should surprise the luxury brands that attend the show” says Francisca.

Renaissance lace with crochet. Lacé was replaced by a sleeping net strings (mamucabo).

Renaissance lace with crochet. Lacé was replaced by a sleeping net strings (mamucabo).


Premiére Vision Paris will be presenting special fabrics, knits and threads of organic colored cotton, with special emphasis on the exclusive knitted jacquard, developed in the National Service of Industry – SENAI-SP Francisco Matarazzo, in the district of Brás, in the capital of Sao Paulo. “There are also tests being carried out at Innovative – textile technology company based in Americana, in the interior of the state,” says Francisca. We are taking pieces from the stylist João Pimenta with the demonstration of this work.


Fabric created by the designer João Pimenta, in São Paulo, developed by Innovative: organic colored cotton and recycled yarns from cotton and PET bottles. Partnership of Natural Cotton Color and Santa Luzia Redes e Decoração with the stylist for 41º SPFW.

Jacquard knitwear in colored cotton developed by SENAI-SP Francisco Matarazzo with exclusivity for Natural Cotton Color. Launching of Première Vision Paris.

Jacquard knitwear in colored cotton developed by SENAI-SP Francisco Matarazzo with exclusivity for Natural Cotton Color. Launching of Première Vision Paris.

We also present in the event the straight knitwear – all woven in manual loom. They were developed by designer Juliana Gevaerd in yarns of different thicknesses made of organic colored cotton.

There is also the stamping of Studio Parahyba, coordinated by the designer Dyógenes Chaves who created new standards for Spring / Summer 2018. The launches join the more than 300 prints produced for Première Vision Paris. The group of engravers is formed by Alena Sá, Alex de Brito, Célia Araúlo, Francisca Vieira, Paula Tabosa and the French Noëlie Brochier who joined the team recently.

Highlights include the launch of the Flowers of the world prints collection, inspired by Francisca’s travels in Romania, Patagonia, Argentina, Cuba and Brazil. The series was developed at SENAI-PB by designers Rafael Lemos and Paula Tabosa.

Natural Cotton Color and Parahyba Studio are part of the Brazilian delegation selected by Texbrasil, an export support program developed by the Brazilian Textile and Apparel Industry Association – ABIT and the Brazilian Agency for the Promotion of Exports and Investments – Apex-Brasil.


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