NCC Ecobrands in Expo West California – USA

This was the first participation of the Natural Cotton Color group – NCC Ecobrands in the Natural Products Expo West, the largest US natural products trade show. The 35th edition of the event was held from 6 to 8 March 2015 in Anahein Convention Center (California).

Centro de Convenções Anahein, na Califórnia.

Anahein Convention Center, California.

The stand was well visited, especially for being located in a pavilion composed of Startups – innovation based businesses. “Everyone knows that entrepreneurship is very well received by the US market. The natural products are important and provide a good space in the country’s consumption”, explains assistant Foreign Trade, Rubens Guimarães, the group’s representative at the event. According to Rubens, the Natural Products Expo West has created great business prospects in the United States. Many contacts were made with great chances to do business in the future. He says:

“The feedback from the people about the products was very positive, which leads us to conclude that the United States, especially the state of California,is a market that the NCC Ecobrands group should mark”.

The NCC Ecobrands booth in the aisle of Startups: entrepreneurship with innovation.

California visitors: receptivity to the products organic colored cotton NCC Ecobrands.



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