It has organic colored cotton in the Lado Basic store at malls in Sao Paulo

Thanks to the partnership with Lado Basic, the sustainable fashion in organic colored cotton by Natural Cotton Color – NCC Ecobrands can already be found in two malls in São Paulo: the Cidade Jardim and JK Iguatemi.


Natural Cotton Color dresses: find organic colored cotton dresses in the store Basic Side malls Garden City and JK Iguatemi, São Paulo.

“I found the organic colored cotton in the Salão + B, in São Paulo and was blown away. I am very proud to have had access and offer these products in stores”, says Hevelyn Rivetti, creative director and owner of the Basic Side.


Hevelyn Rivetti of the Lado Basic.

The designer Hevelyn sets the Lado Basic as cool fashion, easy to use and versatile. “We love the easy chic term. The concept of the brand makes up with women of various styles, however, is a basic with something else. We appreciate the comfort and modeling that values the silhouette. All aligned with the fashion trends. So nothing more trendy than naturally colored organic cotton without chemical dyeing “, she says.

For Francisca Vieira, CEO of Natural Cotton Color, the Basic Side is the ideal partnership because they have customers who love fashion but are also demanding and adepts of conscious consumption.



Lado Basic hand creates cool fashion, easy to use and versatile, so it included grown organic colored cotton clothes made in Paraíba.


Easy chic: the brand concept Lado Basic makes up with women of various styles: valuing comfort and modeling that values the silhouette.

Hevelyn points out that the approach goes beyond products. “We want partners who think and do as us.” For her, the company should be sustainable, reputable and correct with employees, suppliers and customers, including nature. And having social involvement. “We have a project with the NGO Trawler in São Paulo, and also an inclusion program for immigrants,” she says.

In stores, the service is different. “The vendors are chosen by what they think and what they believe. We want to create for the customer a shopping experience pleasure of friendship. ” So the main question is “what is the mood that defines you?”.

Welcome to the world Lado Basic.


Lado Basic – Cidade Jardim Mall – 2nd Floor – 12000 Magalhaes de Castro avenue, Marginal Pinheiros -. Between the bridges Cidade Jardim and Morumbi – São Paulo / SP


Lado Basic – JK Iguatemi Mall – 2nd Floor – 2041, President Juscelino Kubitschek Avenue, Itaim Bibi – São Paulo / SP.



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