Fashion and decor in organic color cotton in France

The French exhibition “Vivre Côté Sud ” of June 2015 has been less visited than over the last past years and we don’t know exactly the reason why.

The best sellers brands are the famous brands of Marseille and of the Côte d’Azur and it is socially absolutely unacceptable to go out of the exhibition without having bought the espadrille “L” or the jute bag “P”. Despite that, a lot of people have marveled at the work and delicacy of the products NCC and have regretted that there is no store in the region to be able to discover and make trials stressless and under reasonable temperatures.
The experts have immediately noticed that the lace works are crocheted and not industrially done in Taiwan or elsewhere.

Tentation Bio Organic Cotton4

Sabine Alegria, da Bio Tentation, representante do Natural Cotton Color – NCC Ecobrands na França.

Our brand name is Quality, craftsman work and valorization of the local resources against exploitation. NCC is made of a group of Brazilian craftsmen that have a full integrated production system, from the farming contracts for organic cotton to the weaving, design and product conception. It is very uncommon, even exceptional to find such an integration system and this is the pride of NCC group.

The hammocks and cushions have been a real success and should be soon presented in some stores of Cassis and Montpellier.



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