How to be an environmentally friendly and socially fair company

How to be an environmentally friendly and socially fair company

Currently, the word sustainability is on the agenda of most companies. The challenge is to promote growth in a balanced way. What guides the Natural Cotton Color group – NCC Ecobrands is the tripod of sustainability: Environmental, Social and Economic. Thus, we seek to ensure that these aspects work in an integrated manner so that the group can generate products correctly and ethically.

We know that to produce, any business must have pollution emission control, and meet compliance requirements to ensure preservation. Thus, if a company generates waste, it should also have control and treatment programs to avoid contamination. In the case of NCC Ecobrands, organic color cotton whose farming does not harm the environment, was the raw material chosen as the basis of the companies comprising the group.

We know that a socially responsible company also cares about its participants and the community that is around it, promoting actions that may be linked to standard and professional education, focusing on environmental education and social responsibility or even encouragement to sports or health care. The organic color cotton is produced on a purchase guaranteed basis. In addition, the NCC Ecobrands group pays the best price per kilo of cotton in Brazil. Our goal is to protect the farmer and their family so they are not hostage to the market fluctuations, making sure that farmers preserve their quality of life.

The Economic aspect is also very important for a sustainable company. To ensure improvement of production capacity, there must be investment. Therefore, the companies of NCC Ecobrands group are attentive to new available technologies and materials reutilization and resources, such as  water and energy, consumption reduction programs. And our alliance with Embrapa is crucial to our product reaching 87.5% less water consumption compared to ordinary and dyed cotton products.

The NCC Ecobrands group wants to be recognized for its Sustainability. The actions seek environmental preservation, social investment and economic planning to improve the products and foster consumer awareness. Our products are the result of a supply chain that works to enhance the ethical production and guarantee the loyalty and respect of consumers. Thus, we need partners and representatives who share these goals. We count on the support from all of you to achieve these goals.

The organizational culture of the NCC Ecobrand group plans to meet three basic requirements: being environmentally friendly, economically viable and socially just.


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