Variety of products in colored organic cotton

One of the highest markets with the biggest potential to grow is the ecological products. The strength and ambiental consciousness of consumers has generated a strong demand for environmentally friendly products.

The Natural Cotton Color – NCC Ecobrands group offers a wide line of women’s fashion products, men and children, shoes and handbags and also the home line, made ​​with colored organic cotton that are proven to not cause damage to the environment and health, contributing to the development of a responsible and sustainable economic way.
ecofashion-kids-organic-cotton-brazilThe products NCC Ecobrands are created by experienced designers and also submitted to specialized consultants to ensure that they are aligned with the key market trends.

Formed by a pool of companies that together produce a varied range of choices in colored organic cotton products: that consists Ecobrands the NCC group. The collections are regularly renewed to attend the client’s needs. Check out the NCC Ecobrands companies: |  | |
decor-organic-cotton-brazilWe serve retailers in Brazil and abroad. Request catalogs by email at
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