Color cotton from Paraiba in Globo News gateway

The report points out that the color cotton, our raw material, will be the theme of the 23rd edition of the Paraíba Craft Show. The event will be held in Joao Pessoa from January 8th to the 31st.

The interview highlights the businesswoman and designer Francisca Vieira, who has been leading the Natural Cotton Color group for 15 years, producing and exporting fashion and decoration products made of color cotton. The color cotton is grown with color, so the fibber eliminates the need for chemicals to dye the fabric, saving water in the fabric finishing process.

The environmentally-friendly products and innovative design ensure space in the international market. The Natural Color Cotton Group and the Santa Luzia group are the only ones certified by the Biodynamic Institute – IBD, because they develop their products exclusively from organic color cotton.

The report explains the productive chain of the textile sector. “Cotton is received at a power plant with a pitting machine. The machine separates the seed from the fibber that goes to the spinning industry and, soon after, to rustic mechanized looms, which are still in use in many towns. ”

The Natural Cotton Color Group focus on the use of the entire raw materials, to ensure gains for all those involved in the productive chain of color cotton. According to Francisca, this next season, there will be an attempt to turn the seeds into food for cattle. Testing for the extraction of oil for the cosmetics industry will also be conducted. “All links of the chain need to profit,” says the businesswoman.

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Color cotton from Paraiba in Globo News gateway


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