Leading entities in fashion must combat racism in the sector

Last week, we saw messages from fashion brands in solidarity and support for the anti-racist movement in the world.  Then, in Brazil, denunciations of models who suffered discrimination in the casting of stylists.

We know that the agenda for inclusion, against prejudice and discrimination, has been in fashion for a long time.  However, in light of the facts, we note that progress on representativeness is still very slow.

Natural Cotton Color – NCC Ecobrands requests that associations and platforms that bring together the voices of fashion such as Abit, Abest, SPFW, BEFW, Minas Trend, Veste Rio and DFHouse, take actions to combat the racism and systemic inequality that is affecting our  industry.  We believe that these entities have the strength and capacity to lead and promote this change.<

Among these actions, we suggest that they should:

a) Make a measurable and public commitment to improve black representation at all levels in the fashion production chain, especially in leadership and leadership positions.
b) Collect, monitor and publicly report data on the diversity of the workforce to create responsibility in the sector.
c) Provide comprehensive training on Diversity and Inclusion for members.

We believe that any anti-racist initiative must permeate the fashion industry and contribute to making this creative sector – so influential for culture and for the Brazilian market – contribute to the evolution towards a fair and egalitarian society.

Francisca Vieira

CEO Natural Cotton Color


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