Organic colored cotton on display at the Biennale Émergences in France

The brand Natural Color Cotton – NCC Ecobrands from Paraiba (Northeast) was invited to represent Brazil at the Biennale Émergences – Métiers d’Arts x Design, from 13 to 16 October in Pantin, in the great Paris. The event promotes contemporary creation associated with craftsmanship in all its diversity, including, textile creations – for decoration and to Fashion.

The show gathers hundreds of exhibitors around the theme. In this fourth edition, the focus is on the recovery of plant dyes. Many actors of textile design and fashion are working to rediscover and adapt these techniques to the industrial context.

Métiers d'Arts x Design: the show will be held at the Centre National de la Danse in Pantin and must occupy area of ​​2000 meters.

Métiers d’Arts x Design: the show will be held at the Centre National de la Danse in Pantin, in France.

For Francisca Viera, CEO of the brand that produces clothing with organic colored cotton at Paraiba is an opportunity to show the output gap. She says:

“Our cotton is born colored without using dyes, that mean, we are the innovation in this event”.

Brazil should surprise in your exhibition in France. The colored cotton is a technological innovation of a natural raw material, research results on genetic selection. The plume cotton is born in shades ranging from beige to brown without going through dyeing process of any kind and therefore does not generate environmental impact.

Studies of the Brazilian Agricultural Research Company –  Embrapa – show that, in the production process, there is a reduction of 87.5% water compared to production of a common shirt, industrially dyed.

Natural organic cotton dress Cotton Color - NCC Ecobrands. Cotton is born with the color in nature, without the use of dyes or chemical additives

Natural organic cotton dress by Natural Cotton Color – NCC Ecobrands. The plume cotton is born in shades ranging from beige to brown in nature, withous going thorough dyeng process

Francisca highlights the importance of participation in the Biennale Émergences. “In an international show, our colored cotton is beyond our brand, it represents the state, is the country,” she says. According to the CEO, despite all the differential and the efforts of the Brazilian Association of  Textile Industry- Abit and the agency Apex-Brazil, there is still little knowledge of this raw material.

“The great Brazilian brands have not yet developed products with colorful cotton from Paraiba. Thus it is always necessary to act and take every opportunity to expand the knowledge of organic colored cotton produced in the state, ” she adds.

The Natural Color Cotton will represent Brazil in France with support from Sebrae PB and the National Industry Service – SENAI through Manager Local Productive Arrangement Committee – APL Clothing and Color Cotton Artifacts of the State of Paraíba.

About the Natural Cotton Color: created in Paraíba, northeastern Brazil, the 15 year brand produces womenswear, menswear, children’s and accessories with organic colored cotton grown in the state and certified by the Brazilian Institute Biodynamic – IBD. Also called Natural Cotton Color group meets in its production chain farmers, artisans, weavers, designers, stylists and clothing distributing its products in wholesale and retail for 15 years, mainly in international  fairs such as Première Vision (France), Biofach (Germany) and Expo West (USA).

About Biennale Émergences – Métiers d’Arts x Design: the show will be held at the Centre National de la Danse in Pantin and must occupy area of ​​2000 meters. The goal is to combine the visions of designers, stylists and artists with the wisdom of artisans and professionals of the textile and leather industry, to present the contemporary use of color through natural procedures developed in France, Italy, the Netherlands, Korea , Bangladesh and Japan.

Francisca Vieira, 50, has a degree in Industrial Psychology and a postgraduate degree in Production Engineering. As an entrepreneur and designer of the brand Natural Color Cotton develops products with colorful cotton from Paraiba, a natural raw material, organic and certified (the plume is born colored, without using additives or dyes).


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