Interview in Paris on Fashion with colored cotton associated with innovative crafts

When the Natural Cotton Color – NCC Ecobrands attended the Maison D’Exceptions in Première Vision Paris in 2015 as the first company selected for the hall, there was an interview to learn more about the craft proposal associated with fashion. The video released in May this year is narrated in French, so we translate the speech of Francisca Vieira, CEO of the brand.


“My work involves a mission to preserve the cultural heritage of the region, since several sewing and lace techniques such as padding were on the brink of extinction. Now that I include padding in my fashion collections, I make sure this know-how lives on. At the Maison d’Exceptions show, we even asked an artisan to come and give a demonstration of his craft.

Combining fashion and craftsmanship is a good way to shed light on the latter, and the north-east of Brazil is very much an artisanal region. Handcrafted objects in themselves have no particular added value. But if I include them in my fashion creations, they will be more visible and the craftsmen will earn more.”


“In our region we grow naturally colored cotton, an organic and eco-friendly raw material which doesn’t need chemical dyeing and requires 87% less water than conventional cotton.

As far as the human benefits go, the EMBRAPA (Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation) determined that I paid the highest price for 1 kg of cotton feathers nationwide. It means that the farmers working for me earn twice as much as their counterparts from conventional agriculture. It is very important to me.”


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