Industry launches organic colored cotton thread from Paraíba to the craft market

When he saw a report on naturally colored cotton developed by the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation – Embrapa, Paulo Roberto Sensi Filho, managing partner of Eurofios recognized the opportunity to create a new product to offer to his customers.

Based on natural or recycled threads, EuroRoma presents raw material for creative and demanding artisans – aware of the concept of products aligned with the circular economy and respect for the environment.

The brand, which has been on the market for 18 years, offers recycled cotton and jute yarns and, now, new organic colored cotton yarns produced in Blumenau, SC, in the largest textile hub in the country.

According to Sensi, EuroRoma’s production is based on the reuse of garbage residues for the production of ecological yarns and threads. “The recycled textile fibers come from the waste / chips generated in the production of clothing”, he explains. As these residues / chips are separated by color, they do not require dyeing. The colored cotton from Paraíba also does not require dyeing (it is already born in brown) the company understood that the fiber was aligned with the company’s proposal and inserted the ecological and organic raw material in the portfolio of sustainable yarns and threads.

The EuroRoma brand, from the company EuroFios, launched the Ecoyarn yarn of organic colored cotton from Paraíba in February 2020.

organic cotton color crochet

“Through the appointment of Gilvan Ramos, agribusiness analyst at Embrapa and, through Francisca Vieira, we acquired the colored cotton plume in 2018. We carried out some tests over time, however, due to other developments in process, we started production the wire only in December 2019”, said the director.

For Francisca, CEO of Natural Cotton Color, the new yarn meets a growing demand for handicrafts. “EcoYarn yarn is great news for those who want to produce with low environmental impact. Artisanal work is an activity based on the pillars of sustainability – economic, social and environmental – mainly, on the fourth pillar, which is Culture. It is thanks to craftsmanship that we are managing to preserve our vernacular techniques and the Renaissance lace is one of them. Handcrafting and our innovations with the combination of various techniques such as lace, crochet and embroidery values ​​our fashion. The launch of the EuroRoma yarn contributes to the development of these two markets – handicrafts and sustainable fashion”, she says.

For the launch, EuroRoma offers EcoYarn with the thickness most used by artisans, which is similar to the No. 6 yarn. The idea is that EuroRoma Ecoyarn will become a more complete product line, based on naturally colored cotton, with more titling options and other colors of naturally colored cotton. “The decision to treat this product initially as a limited edition. The launch serves to measure the market and its demand in relation to this product. And also because we acquired only a small batch of the feather ”, explains Sinse.

Regarding the care of use and conservation of any piece made with the colored cotton thread EuroRoma Ecoyarn, they are the same that must be taken in other handicraft works. Especially care when washing the piece, such as not soaking, delicate washing or preferably by hand and not using products that contain bleach in their composition.


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Marcelo Nunes:

“What is most surprising about creating crocheted pieces with EuroRoma Ecoyarn is knowing that it is produced using cotton that is born in color. I had never worked with a thread in these characteristics and I am amazed. The color is beautiful and the possibilities of creating handmade pieces with this thread are immense. ”


craft woman organic cotton Eco yarn

Sandra Brum:

“The touch, softness and texture when working with EuroRoma Ecoyarn is different from ordinary strings, when weaving it slides easily on the needle resulting in a super differentiated work. A great option to add even more value to your work, it can be used in various craft techniques for decoration pieces, fashion accessories and also for amigurumi. “


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