Capsule Collection: the new design

Created for the Natural Cotton Color Group – NCC Ecobrands by Francisca Vieira and Romero Sousa, the Capsule Collection was launched in May 2015 in Salão B + Business of Fashion and Creative Content (the Brazilian Museum of Sculpture in São Paulo).

Produced with colored organic cotton and include eight fashion pieces, “Is a collection within a collection and the proposal is to be small and short- season, so it is called capsule” explains Francisca. Each piece has many handcrafted details. Among the novelties, the inclusion of capitonê, ornamental technique used exclusively in furniture and decoration. ” The dress is beautiful and stands out in the collection, since no one had looked before for this manual technique garments”, believes the designer.

Organic colored cotton dress capitone.

The NCC Ecobrands group designers also inserted in the lace pieces of renaissance type, file lace and Tenerife, and also macramé, embroideryand crochet. For them, they are essential details. In dresses, they emphasize femininity. Romero revealed that his inspiration came from immersion and interaction with the northeastern artisans, the result of his travels to the State of Paraíba acting as fashion consultant. “They are the great characters of the capsule collection, mainly because they are, for the most part, agriculture, housewives, mothers, anyway. Are fiber women with fairy hands”.

Of the many previous collections, this gave to the creators a special feeling. Romero said that this time the craft types were associated with the colored cotton more harmoniously, in a unique chemistry.

The concept of the capsule collection gained momentum with the catalog developed by experienced producer of fashion Pantera Costa, with picturesof Germano Felipe.


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