Organic cotton from Northeast of Brazil in the French magazine Elle

Algodão orgânico da Paraíba na Elle Francesa
Elle magazine, international fashion publication, highlights in its French version, the collection of women’s clothing from the Natural Cotton Color group – NCC Ecobrands, that are represented by Sabine Alegria from Tentation Bio Company –

Elle France – edition 42/June 2015 – highlights organic colored cotton products.

Tradução do texto:
«Involved in the valorization of local and family organic farming, the brand name Tentation Bio supplies clothes in naturally colored organic cotton of the Brazilian brand Natural Cotton Color that combines tradition, fashion and environment preservation. 70% less water are used in the making compared to conventional cotton and there is no chemical dyeing. The garments are extremely feminine and sophisticated and they are naturally colored, without any allergy risks and respecting the environment. The lacework are made by lace-workers ’ associations of Northern Brazil, that perpetuate cultural heritages that were threaten to disappear. The local craftsmen are highlighted in a product that is strongly stylish and modern.»
New Embrapa’s research reveals that water saving is 87.5% compared to the dyed cotton.

42th edition of the French Elle magazine indicates colored organic cotton products.


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