Tips for a sustainable wedding

The key to an ecofriendly wedding is to simplify. The idea is to recycle materials, save resources, and work with what you have nearby.

The trend is to choose alternative spaces for the wedding: it can be a cultural organization, a museum or an art gallery. The important thing is that the money invested be used for maintaining the institution. If you choose an outdoor wedding, give preference to a botanical garden or a heritage building that are kept by any non-profit organization.

To decorate, choose bamboo. It is considered one of the most sustainable materials in the world. It takes no more than seven years to mature, as opposed oak, for example, which can take as much as 120 years. Donate the flowers used on the decoration to any institution. There are already some projects specialized on this, check this link (in portuguese).

Match the choice of transport to the wedding theme. If your wedding is near the water, why not get there in a canoe? If it’s in a park, why not use a horse, buggy and even a bike? We found a very interesting guide, the Green Bride Guide,  full of ideas for those who want a sustainable marriage.

Sustainable marriage : to choose to marry in the park, the museum or the gallery, check how the money will revert to the maintenance of the institution.

Ecofriendly wedding dresses

Following the idea of reducing, reusing and recycling, new ideas even for dresses come up. Five wedding dress designs were created to be displayed in an exhibition on sustainable marriage. They were created by a group of UK fashion students.

The dresses are made of a biodegradable fabric. Thus, after the wedding it can be simply placed in water to be disposed of without any harm to the environment. And this could be better than keeping it in the closet forever, to be had by moths or not?

Anyway, if this trend takes off, there is yet one more reason not to rain on your wedding day …;)

Check the guide to a sustainable wedding on this link.

Image via treehugger / designIndaba

Biodegradable dress. Image via treehugger / designIndaba


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